Blockchain : Industrial Revolution 4.0

Blockchain : Industrial Revolution 4.0

Tokocrypto, represented by Christin Natalia Ginting, Head of Community Manager , was one of the speakers at the Interactive Talkshow which discussed the Blockchain Industrial Revolution 4.0 .

This event was held in collaboration between Vexanium with the BSD City Terrace Mall and Thripro EO along with partners, one of which is Tokocrypto with the aim of opening the minds of the wider community about the industrial revolution 4.0, especially in the field of Blockchain technology development.

“When asked whether we have to leave all the old systems automate trading to take advantage of Blockchain? The answer is SO WRONG. Instead, we implement the existing system with Blockchain Technology. What’s wrong, after all, it has been proven to make it easier, activities are also more effective and can be applied in all fields in this Industry 4.0 era.” Christin said in his presentation.

Blockchain itself is an information data where the information in it is interconnected and internet-based. Most people usually only look at digital assets without knowing what the technology behind it is.

And in this era of the Industrial Revolution 4.0, it is undeniable that there are still many things that can be solved by the pear to pear-based technology.

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